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Passenger Elevators


Passenger elevators are manufactured with load capacity of 225kg to 1275 kg and speed movement up to 2 m/sec. They are designed with the upper and the lower machine room for any installation in the dwelling houses, administrative and residential buildings, commercial complex, hotels, banks and offices. Teagle Elevators offer all types of passenger elevators of different speed and capacity. Also, we offer varied array of attractive and sturdy cabins crafted with different types of materials, designs, wooden and aluminium coated panels and many more. We provide latest versions of landing doors and auto doors for cabin to provide better safety and comfort.

Hydraulic Elevators


Hydraulic elevator does not require a fixed room to house the hydraulic machinery, instead, the machinery itself is usually installed on the elevator pit and the controller is installed behind a locked cabinet on the wall near the elevator. Teagle Elevators offer machine room less hydraulic elevator that saves construction time and cost. Mainly home elevators can be installed using this technology.

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Hospital elevator.jpg
Hospital Elevators


Teagle Elevators produces hospital elevators with load capacity of 500kg to 1275 kg for the installation in the medical-prophylactic institutions. These elevators are allowed to transport patients by trolleys. The hospital elevators are manufactured with either through or non-through cabin. These elevators with load capacity of 630, 1000, 1275 kg are equipped with the automatic doors and wide range of Car cabinets are manufactured with manual opening doors and wing-opening doors of elevator shaft.

Capsule Elevators


Capsule lifts can be installed on the exterior face of the building or in the lobby. The installation of these lifts can totally change the look of the building. The technology used in these lifts is state of the art. The range of lifts is from 8 persons to 40 persons for a three-sided glass capsule. 5-sided glass capsule is available for a minimum lift size of 13 persons. One exclusive feature is that glass doors can be provided. Teagle Elevators provides traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location. Apart from the cabin all other specifications are the same as for other passenger elevators

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Freight elevator.jpg
Freight Elevators


Compared to passenger elevators, freight cars travel at slower speeds they are mainly designed to move goods and materials throughout the building they can carry much heavier loads and are designed to withstand tougher working conditions. At Teagle elevators we give more importance for freight elevators to be practical rather than attractive, which is why they are designed for maximum safety. This can include steel wall panels, a heavy steel floor and a reinforced gate. A freight elevator will usually include vertically opening doors. Older models might even have manually operated wooden gates

Goods Elevators


Goods elevator are the perfect solution for moving heavy goods between main floors of a building. Dimension of a lift vary as per the Capacity requirement. On an average a goods lift have a load capability between 500 Kgs to 4000 Kgs. Each lift is designed to your requirements taking into consideration: lift height, same side or opposing side transfer and the product range to be handled. Integrated full perimeter guard and interlocked access gates ensure the operator and working environment is always safe. Teagle goods Elevators means a powerful hoisting machine, durability to cope with rough treatment, a smooth ride to handle fragile loads, levelling accuracy for easy loading and unloading, and wide doors that maximize in-car space. 

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